SEO Agency York

An SEO agency for York businesses

We’re an SEO and marketing agency with local knowledge to support the businesses of York and the surrounding area. We’ll help get more traffic to your website, and help visitors to convert.


Are you a York business that needs SEO?

Whether your business is located in the heart of York city centre, in the Shambles, or just outside the city walls, you need customers to find your business. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can help your business to get the edge over your competition, whether they are based nearby in York, within Yorkshire, or nationally. If you’re aiming to get customers to your store in York, to buy from you online or to engage with another service that you offer, your position in search engine results pages is critical.

  • Being on the first page of search engine results is essential – just 78% of users click through to page 2 of Google results
  • The top ranking position only gets the most search traffic 49% of the time
  • 63% of pages get absolutely no organic search traffic from Google


The importance of being on the first page of the search results is clear. Just having a beautiful website simply won’t do the trick – your website must be optimised so that customers that are looking for your specific type of business will be able to find you.


Organic ROI is unlimited

Whether you’re a business or an organisation in York or in the local area, we want your online presence to work for you, and to help you achieve even greater success. Our SEO strategies generate more traffic to your website, boost your rank on search engine results, and ultimately to help your website to be seen by more customers, allowing for greater conversions.

York Minster

Google’s ever-moving goalposts

Google uses a variety of factors to decide where your website should rank within the search results, and those factors are updated regularly. For busy businesses, that can present a significant challenge, especially when their skills and expertise lie elsewhere. Let our expertise create the results you want and need from your website.


The unique needs of your business

No two businesses have the same requirements from their SEO, even if the desired effect is the same – to increase brand awareness, and customer conversions. We’ll understand what you need before we set to work, whether you need to increase the number of backlinks, the authority of your website, or to move up the Google rankings.


Our personalised services

We don’t mess around – we’ll understand what you need, and we’ll quote you for exactly that. If it is appropriate, we’ll give you a range of options and advise you which one is best, but we won’t attempt to upsell you unnecessary extras. We’ll do exactly what you need, at a cost that makes sense for your business.


SEO services

Keyword Research

Take the guesswork out of knowing which keywords to use in your content. We’ll find the right keywords for your target customers, and help you to use them in the most effective way so you’ll be able to get the right amount of potential traffic.


Link Building

Getting high quality backlinks can be a chore, particularly if you’ve never done it before. We’ll help you to get the right sort of links that will create a natural link profile, so that your website will rank higher over the longer term.


Google Optimisation

Google business listings are there to help people find the best business for their needs, but it isn’t just a listing. When it has been set up well, and has been verified by Google, there is a whole lot more that Google business listings can offer your business.


On-Page Optimisation

Does your website tell the search engines what your business is all about? If not, you’ll find your listings pushed down the search engine results, which is not the desired effect. We’ll ensure that your pages are relevant, so that your website reaches the best possible rank.


Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool that helps you to understand more about your website and to improve your presence on the Google search results. We’ll help you to get to grips with the tool, and to get the most relevant information from it.


Content Creation

There really isn’t anything better than professionally written, relevant content to help your website to rank higher – and not only that, but you’ll also benefit from customers seeking your content out repeatedly. Our content writers were born and raised just outside York – and we can write knowledgeably for a wide range of businesses.


Google Analytics

Want to know exactly how well your website is ranking, how much traffic is finding your website, and where from? Of course you do. With Google Analytics, we can show you what is happening, in real time, so you can make better business decisions.


Local Search Optimisation

It isn’t just about getting those backlinks when it comes to local searches. We’ll apply our local SEO experience to help your business to be found by customers that are within the city, and nearby.