SEO training

SEO trainingWhen it comes to running or managing a website today, one statistic you always need in your favour is traffic. No website can truly survive without traffic. But is any traffic a good thing? Not really. At The Marketing Helpline, we speak with companies who have lots of traffic but high bounce rates and poor retention. They see their website visited by thousands per month, but they see a negligible number of visits turn into an actual sale or subscription. Often, the solution to this is simple: create content that can speak to the audience you wish to target.

However, how can you write that content alone? You aren’t a professional, so how can you be expected to write high-value, quality content? Easy: take our SEO training.

As one of the best places for anyone to start looking through, SEO training provides you with the foundations needed to help yourself. Instead of simply doing everything for you on-demand, we can also teach you the essential skills needed to handle your own SEO. Now, before long, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how search engine optimisation works, and how to best utilise its benefits.
  • Appreciate the limits of SEO, and the importance of taking a long-term approach.
  • Work with keywords and make choices of realistic, competitive, actionable keywords.
  • Reduce the time spent on content strategizing, instead of creating content as it is needed.
  • Minimise trial and error, ensuring your business sticks to a clear and structured content plan.

Why should I take SEO training?

The main reason is quite simple – do you want to know how to help your own business?

By taking our SEO training course, you get to learn all about the essentials of SEO. This allows you to be more informed when creating in-house content. Instead of always having to outsource your content creation, you can use your natural passion and knowledge of your industry to your advantage. And with our help, you’ll soon understand the critical concepts around SEO training that has to be better understood.

Before long, you will understand that SEO is not about keyword spamming, but about providing value. The days of being able to just throw in keywords with reckless abandon are long gone. Today, you are expected to make decisions that are all about what your audience want and need to know. From answering popular questions on search engines to creating value-driven content and guest posts, we’ll show you the tricks of the trade.

Then, whether it’s an SEO-friendly product description, a new video blog series, a podcast episode, or anything else, you’ll have the knowledge about what works. Put simply, we remove the challenge in understanding SEO. By pulling the curtain back, we can show you how complex SEO is until you understand the key foundations that underpin any and all SEO success.

For help from a company that you can trust to do the right thing for your business, then, contact The Marketing Helpline to book in beneficial SEO training today.

Why should I not simply outsource my content?

Because nobody knows your business better than you do – you are the figurehead, the expert. You know the kind of problems customers face, and what solutions are needed to help them overcome their issues. You understand the challenges they face, and why your solutions are the ideal starting place. Better yet, you talk from a natural passion and knowledge about the subject. With a little SEO training, you could be creating content on-demand that your audience will love!

You should always be looking for ways to help you self-manage and self-edit your own website. This means having confidence that your new blog post series makes sense, comes across as intended, and makes the impact expected on your audience. It also means having the belief that you have developed a high-end, reliable system that can deliver results in the long term.

You will learn the foundations of what makes content usable and what makes it attractive to the search engines. Crucially, you will learn about the changes needed to your business structure. From how your content is written to the keywords you target; our SEO training gives you every skill you need to self-manage your business.

Having the skills to properly develop and evaluate SEO-friendly content is a huge skill. Let us take your natural passion and interest for a subject and convert it into proven, effective results. For more help in making sure your business can thrive on your own terms, contact The Marketing Helpline today to begin SEO training.