What do you do with your old blog posts?

Bloggers often create hundreds of blog posts, and with that comes the waste of content. Many bloggers want to know what to do with their old blog posts, whether it be for future reference or to raise awareness about the topic. Here are some ways you can get your old blog posts back into circulation.

Do you delete them or keep them?

Do you ever delete your images?
If you are an online business owner, there’s a good chance that you’ve already deleted some of the images off your website. So the question is, do you keep them or delete them?
In this blog post, we’ll cover why keeping your images on your website is so important and how it can grow your business in unexpected ways.

What if they are still relevant?

If you find your blog posts are still being shared by readers after some time has passed, it’s best to keep them.
You might be wondering what to do with older blog posts that haven’t been updated since they’ve been published. It’s tough to know what to do with old content-you might have a lot of content that hasn’t aged well and needs to be deleted or repurposed. You might also have a lot of content that is still relevant and could be shared with new audiences.
The answer is simple: You can leave them up if they are still relevant! And if you decide you need to update or re-purpose an old blog post, your audience won’t have forgotten about it in the meantime.

Last Updated on December 30, 2021