Why did Microsoft Edge replace Internet Explorer?

Microsoft has gradually been replacing Internet Explorer with their newest browser, Microsoft Edge. With a smarter design, better features, and an easier way to navigate through websites, Microsoft Edge is rapidly growing in popularity. Here are some reasons why this happened.

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge is the latest Microsoft browser. It features a modern design, built-in extensions, and support for web apps. Plus, it’s fast and secure with up-to-date security patches and standards compliance.
Edge opens up new possibilities for Microsoft users by offering a more personal browsing experience. With Edge’s support for extensions, your favorite web apps will be easier to find and use than ever before!
What are some of the benefits of using Microsoft Edge?
– Modern design
– Built-in extensions such as Bing search and OneNote
– Support for web apps
– Secure with up to date security patches and standards compliance

What is the difference between Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge?

Internet Explorer is the default web browser in Windows 10. It’s the oldest operating system on the market, and it’s still a respectable browser. However, Microsoft Edge is much faster and more advanced than Internet Explorer.
For example, if you have an ad blocker installed in Internet Explorer, then it will block all ads regardless of what site you’re visiting. With Microsoft Edge, however, you’ll be able to see the ads while they load because your ad blocker won’t affect them.
Another benefit of using Microsoft Edge is that it is optimized for Windows 10 devices and has Cortana integration (voice assistant). This means that if you have a laptop that doesn’t have a dedicated search bar, voice command will work as well!
Lastly, Microsoft Edge can also track your browsing history which makes it easier to use your favorite websites without having to type in the address every time. Instead, just open up Microsoft Edge or Cortana with your history already entered!

Last Updated on January 12, 2022